New Works Celebrating 40 Years of the DoV System

May 12, 2012 - June 9, 2012

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HJ Bott celebrates the 40th anniversary of the DoV System with the presentation of his most current paintings at Anya Tish Gallery in Rhythm & Rhetoric, followed by other venues scheduled for the year 2012, along with the release of his monograph also titled, Rhythm & Rhetoric. For the past forty years, HJ Bott has been developing and perfecting the Displacement-of-Volume, or DoV System, a system which he himself conceptualized. In Bott's own words DoV "is the foundation of the tiling of interlocking lines, into patterns, a system of concepts used throughout my oeuvre since March 7, 1972." The DoV System can be found in each piece of his numerous diverse works ranging from drawings to sculpture to installations.

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